Overlooking several lakes and pans of the Chrissiesmeer PE

The Bateleurs provides a free-of-charge aerial service to beneficiary (requesting) organisations, providing them with an aerial perspective on environmental issues, with the objective of informing better decision-making.  


The Bateleurs will fly to:

Conserve and protect the earth’s diverse ecosystems;

Expose and reverse the unsustainable use and destructive human exploitation of the earth’s biotic resources;

Assist those who design and advocate natural resource policies that protect or restore life-sustaining ecosystems, and empower others in their efforts to maintain a healthy and productive environment;

Support biodiversity research and management in the area of wildlife conservation, including game counts, habitat surveys and the translocation of animals and birds.


Operational procedures:

  1. Sign-up, as pilot members of our NPC, people in South Africa and southern Africa who are private pilots and have purchased their own aircraft, and who are willing to volunteer their time and aircraft to fly missions to help other NPCs, et al, engaged with conserving and protecting our environment – land, water, plant- and wild-life;
  2. Connect with other NPCs and government departments, educators, researchers, parks and reserves, the media, etc., and offer them an aerial perspective of the problems or issues that they are addressing – free of charge. We call these organisations ‘beneficiaries’ and there is no charge at all to a beneficiary organisation or individual for a Bateleurs-supported flight;
  3. Review requests: When a beneficiary asks for a flight to determine the extent of, or record or photograph or otherwise explore, an issue or problem, we review their request and, if it is approved, we find a volunteer pilot willing to fly the mission for them;
  4. Co-ordinate missions: We put the volunteer pilot in touch with the beneficiary and ensure that the mission is flown, following which The Bateleurs makes a small donation to the pilot related to the costs of the fuel and landing fees for the specific mission. The only contribution that we ask of a beneficiary is that they provide us with a short report and photographs of the mission, for use in our newsletters, on our website and in our reports to donors. Pilots are also asked to provide post-flight reports and captioned photographs.