Bill de Pinho

Bill de Pinho was born in 1959 in a small town known as Umtali, in the country known then as Southern Rhodesia.

Bill began his school career in Durban, then Salisbury and completed it by matriculating from St Martin’s, as head of school, in Johannesburg.  During his high school years he excelled at sport, especially athletics / cross country, and this is where his passion for nature and the environment was kindled.  His university studies saw him out in the mountains (Barrier of Spears mainly) and this cemented his fervour for both mountains and water.

Bill joined the SA Air Force and specialised in photo reconnaissance and interpretation, as well as the collection of other information fields.  He has served with a number of bases, squadrons and units over the years – 2 Squadron and JARIC provided him with a foundation and he has served them in different capacities over the last 35 years.  Bill has just completed his second tour as Officer Commanding JARIC and is back at Air Force Headquarters as the Senior Staff Officer Long Term Planning.