Please Note:  The Bateleurs does not have the capacity to administratively manage Covid19 support flights and our business is that of the aviation. Applicants are therefore requested to familiarise themselves with the following process.

Pilots; please see the Pilot Covid-19 flight preparation page for the specific preparation and logistical parameters of these Covid19 support flights.

Step 1

Acceptability of Applications and the Review Process

All flight requests are subject to review by the Bateleurs Board of Directors. 

Flight request forms must motivate the reason why aviation is required for the delivery. Aviation is much more costly than road transport and you are therefore asked to motivate why your delivery of Relief aid requires being flown. This may be due to e.g. inaccessibility by road, or remoteness, en route dangers, etc. or whatever good reason demands the need for an aviation delivery in support of the Corona pandemic.

We will not carry Aid/Relief consignments which form part of any commercial trade. Our support is one of humanitarian support and if any purchase/sale surrounds the Relief consignment, then it is the business of that commercial enterprise, to undertake their own deliveries.

Similar to the above; we cannot undertake to carry any personnel and only pilots and their flight crew can be permitted on any flight.

Delivery of any consignment to the departure airfield and subsequent collection at the destination is the organisational and logistical responsibility of the applicant.

The consigner is required to supply a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) pack to the Pilot (details below)

For purpose of contact avoidance, it is preferred that no delivery documentation be used and thereby avoiding paper handling and signatures. The applicant must rely on the Pilot’s honesty. If you, the Applicant, or your company, require documentation for your receiving station, tape it to the outside of your package in clear plastic, or packaged within.

All aviation is weather dependent and a scheduled date can easily become postponed if the weather does not permit safe flying. The decision to fly or not to fly remains that of the pilot.    

Only if you are able to conform to the above acceptability requirements, do you now move to the next step.

Step 2

Flight Request

All flight requests must be submitted on our Special Covid19 Flight Request FormRequests for flights cannot be processed by direct email or phone calls.

Allow a minimum 24hr response time on the progress approval/decline of your application, then;

Allow a further 24hrs for The Bateleurs administration to secure a volunteer pilot for this flight.

Please note: Even if a flight is approved by The Board, this is not a guarantee that the flight will take place. Our pilot members are volunteers and we are entirely dependent on their goodwill to volunteer and to fly.

Upon notice that your delivery flight has been approved and that we have a pilot, only then move to Step 3


Logistics and Operations

Step 3a

The above notice will advise of any changes to the requested flight date and will carry the pilot’s contact details.

The applicant must make contact as soon as possible with the pilot, in order to continue with the planning, as per the following steps:

The applicant must ask and ascertain how many crew will require Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Step 3b

Make mutual confirmations of the flight date, meeting time and exact location. It is the applicant’s responsibility to deliver to the pilot, The Bateleurs does not have the capacity to make consignment collections.

Step 3c

Packing: do not exceed the weight and volume indicated on the application form, or the whole flight will be cancelled, having wasted everyone’s time.

Some aeroplanes have very small doors and small luggage compartments, so separate the consignment into individual parcels of not larger than 300mm square. The combined parcels can then be placed for road transport convenience into a bigger bag.

Pilot’s PPE package – during Lockdown many pilot’s will not have access to shopping for PPE, it is, therefore, the responsibility of the delivery personnel to present the pilot with one PPE package, per crew member, containing a new/sealed and Government approved face mask and 3 pairs of disposable medical gloves, with a separate waste/disposal packet for the used gloves.

Step 3d

The deliverer will be at the delivery airfield, at the arranged time and place, to meet the pilot, handing over the crew’s PPE packets and making the consignment ready for loading. Photographs can be taken at this point – in case of any later need for confirmations.

Before loading; the deliverer will confirm that the consignment recipient has been contacted and will be awaiting the delivery. At this time any changes in the recipient details will be exchanged.

It is the pilot’s decision on whether to use assistance from the deliverer for loading the aircraft, or the pilot will do it himself.

Step 3e

The applicant/deliverer will ensure that the recipient is briefed (with the pilot’s name and contact details, aircraft registration, etc.) and confirmed to be waiting at the delivery airfield.

Where the destination airfield is an unattended grass airstrip, the Applicant/deliverer, while confirming the readiness of the recipient, will get confirmation that the recipient has driven the length of the airfield, on the runway and thus ensuring that there are no new ant heaps, animal holes etc., anything which could cause harm to the inbound aircraft.

On arrival of the aircraft, the recipient must stand a safe distance from any operating aircraft and only approach on the command of the pilot. The recipient will identify themself to the pilot whilst observing social distancing.

The pilot will unload the consignment, leaving it accessible to the recipient and then establish a safe/social distancing, before the recipient attends to the consignment.

The pilot will take a photo of the recipient, with their consignment on the ground – and before departing the airfield the pilot will transmit to the Applicant, the photographic confirmation of delivery.

Step 3f

In order to close the Bateleurs file per flight, the Applicant will confirm by email that they have received their delivery photo and all being in order.