Objective of the flight

The primary objective is to assess biomass availability to support identified eco-furniture factories in nine separate regions in South Africa. This particular mission was flown in and around Hillcrest in KwaZulu-Natal.

Report from the pilot  :  Barry de Groot  

“After three postponements due to inclement weather I finally managed to get together with Grant on Friday the 4th January 2013. The weather was perfect on the day and the mission went off without a hitch. However, there is not much to report – it was purely a matter of flying around my neighbourhood consisting of Marian Hill Monastery, Hillcrest, Drummond, and Inanda dam looking for areas with large numbers of wild Blue Gum trees. According to Grant they identified several areas that will require their attention in the near future and he said the flight was a huge success.”

Report from the beneficiary  :  Grant Trebble

“We finally found a weather window on Friday 4th January and I am writing to confirm that we successfully completed the flight. A few photographs are attached for your records.

First, I would like to thank Barry for an excellent flight. He was right on time and we quickly arrived at the target area. He was able to take us to all the areas we needed to see, at the required height, and the trip was seamless and comfortable. Seeing all Barry’s awards and learning that he had represented the country on numerous occasions was certainly comforting. Our flight was uneventful and rewarding and we returned to the airport with all the photographs we needed.

Secondly, we would like to reiterate our gratitude to The Bateleurs for arranging this flight. The aerial view has been of tremendous help with our efforts to reduce invasive alien plants in the area concerned and we really appreciate your assistance.”

In conclusion, please will you provide answers to the following three questions:
1.    In what way did this flight serve to answer the stated objective/s?
“Numbers of alien invasive plants were clearly identified.
2.     What actions are likely to be taken as a result of this flight?
“The invasive species will be removed.”
3.     What impacts will be measured, now or later, as a result of this flight?
“The primary objectives are to improve biodiversity and improve the quantity of water in the ecosystems.”