Does your environmental project need an aerial perspective? The Bateleurs provides an aviation service to environmentalists throughout Southern Africa.



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The Future of The Bateleurs PDF Print E-mail
The need for environmental activism in the future will not diminish.  As global warming becomes a household word the activities of man on earth, and particularly in Africa which holds so much of the world's remaining natural resources and wildlife, will become more important.

The Bateleurs has a responsibility to its constituents, its beneficiaries and the public, to maintain and preserve its role in terms of providing an aerial perspective.  Its Directors and staff have an obligation to ensure that the organisation maintains its high level of standards and practice, and that it satisfies the needs of other environmental stakeholders in their efforts to curb environmental degradation.

We ask our donors and potential donors to assist us in this mission.  As more and more conservation and environmental role-players become aware of our services, we are faced with a growing number of flight requests.   We need your support so that we can continue to pay for the fuel and operational costs that keep our organisation active, and keep a watchful eye over South Africa, southern Africa, and occasionally  further afield in Africa. 

Currently The Bateleurs operates from premises provided as a goods-in-kind donation.  As soon as funding is secured The Bateleurs intends to build its own environmentally-friendly office facility on the location kindly provided by the City Council, within the grounds of the Johannesburg Zoo.  Once established in a venue that is more conducive to environmental missions and other activities, The Bateleurs will be able to expand the range of its endeavours to include an educational and outreach role.

We invite all potential donors to view our activities, observe the feedback from our beneficiaries and media partners, and to become involved with one of Africa's leading environmental, volunteer-based, flying organisations.
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