(to be read in conjunction with the How to request a Covid19 Aid/Relief flight for overall understanding)

  • Avoidance of paperwork/Admin is employed, by the use of one coverall indemnity for these Covid19 flights and this one Briefing. It is assumed that if you respond positively to conduct a Covid19 Relief flight, that you have read and accepted these contents.

Step 1

Responding to a Call-up

It remains the Pilot’s responsibility that all currency issues of Pilot’s license, Medical, aircraft Authority to Fly and any such requirements of the SA ANR’s are complied with, before responding to a call-up. The Bateleurs administration is not responsible for this element and we also cannot afford the Admin wastage of repeat DOT/ATNS applications for flights, when the volunteering pilot has to withdraw, discovering a licensing lapse.

Step 2

Post Approval – Admin Prep

Upon approval of the flight, The Bateleurs admin will furnish; a copy of The Bateleurs emergency services registration, a pilot (employee’s) road travel permit and the FAN – flight authorisation number and a copy of the original Application.

Note: the road travel permit and FAN will always pertain to one flight only and these permits MAY NOT be used for any flight outside of the one permitted flight. Please understand that transgressions in this regard will have our service permit cancelled and thereby placing our entire Aid support program in jeopardy.  

You can then expect a call from the Applicant or consignment deliverer, making contact and setting up the meeting time and place.

Note: most delivery personnel will be unfamiliar with airfields and will, therefore, require explicit coaching with regards to meeting and any Security protocols. A lack of briefing here could cost hours in consignment delivery delays.  

Step 3


National State of Emergency compliance roadblocks have been effectively operating, so please make a home pre-departure checklist, starting with; the above-mentioned document package and then your usual/own pre-departure checks – pilot’s license, flight folio, fuel, Nav aids, etc.

Having concluded weather checks and before leaving home, call the deliverer, making sure that all is on track and avoiding travel and flight wastage.

IMPORTANT: Take a cell phone photo of your pre-start Hobbs reading.

Note: your aircraft and other pre-flight protocols are not included here, as these are deemed to be your own SOP, practices and responsibility.

Step 4

Consignment Collection

You might collect your consignment directly at your home airfield, or having flown in to the collection airfield; establish contact with your deliverer and whilst maintaining social distancing, take your PPE kit from them. Fit your face mask and gloves before proceeding.

Get the deliverer’s assurance that the recipient is ready and waiting at the destination and that the recipient has inspected the runway in cases where this is an inactive grass airstrip.

It is the pilot’s call as to whether you allow the delivery to assist loading, or you will load for yourself.

Having loaded, dispose of your gloves in the supplied waste packet, saving the face mask and continue with your flight.

Note: should weather intervene at this stage, preventing the flight from continuing; you and the deliverer will decide the best course of action e.g. keeping the consignment for a next day flight, or returning it for a later date/delivery.

Step 5


At the delivery airfield; establish contact/identity (verbally only) with the recipient and you elect whether or not they help you to unload. With fresh gloves, you preferably unload the consignment yourself, maintaining safe social distancing throughout.

Take a cell phone photo of the recipient with his/her consignment on the ground. Send this image to the Applicant (their number is on the application copy.)

Dispose of your unloading gloves in the waste packet and make your way safely to take-off for home.

Step 6


Before leaving your aircraft, take a cell phone photo of your closing Hobbs reading.

Use your 3rd set of gloves to conclude your refuelling, whether from an airfield or filling station bowser, remembering that the mere handling of e.g. card machines can be a vehicle for Covid19 transmission. Dispose of this last set of gloves and your used mask in the supplied waste bag.

On conclusion; send the 3 photos (Hobbs open and close, and the delivery images) to The Bateleurs admin number.

If you have the time and are so inclined, then an email with any anecdotal commentary and additional images will be very beneficial for our ‘client’ and for our own social media records.