Each flight request received by The Bateleurs is subject to a review process  which ensures that two basic limitations are observed, namely that The Bateleurs:

  • will not fly in support of any commercial activity, and
  • will not transport people from place to place. 

In addition, the assessment of requests ensures also that there must be an authentic potential benefit to conservation and/or the environment inherent in the objective for each flight. Accordingly, not all flight requests received are sanctioned.  All flight requests are reviewed by the full Board of Directors, and there must be a minimum of three positive responses before a flight request can be approved. Also – for a variety of reasons, inclement weather being a major factor affecting light aircraft – not all the approved flights actually take place.

Our ability to carry out a flight request is dependant on pilot availability. The Bateleurs rely on volunteer pilots to do most of our flying. These men and woman not only donate their time and expertise, but also contribute the operating costs of the aircraft. Depending on the aircraft, this can be in the region of R500.00 per hour. Out of consideration to these dedicated volunteers, we ask you to work with us to accommodate their schedules.

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