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Our Beneficiaries and Missions

In line with the many and diverse advantages of an aerial perspective, over the years The Bateleurs has supported an extensive list of beneficiaries with a wide-ranging (and sometimes surprising) list of objectives:  counting cranes’ eggs in nests, from the air, comes to mind.

60% of missions are for conservation or environmental NGOs.

15% of missions are for government and policy-makers within government
and related agencies.

15% of missions are for representatives of the media, engaged with documentary
research and/or investigative journalism.

10% of missions are for the youth and affected communities in respect of various environmental matters.

All flight requests are reviewed by the full Board of Directors, and there must be a minimum of three positive responses before a flight request can be approved.

The People

The Bateleurs as an Organisation

The Bateleurs functions within a simple but effective structure.  For the first ten years its founder, Nora Kreher, kept a firm hand on the tiller, and since her death in 2008 the Board of Directors has assumed her responsibilities and employed one full-time staff member.

The Board comprises eleven members – ten South Africans and one person living abroad. These individuals, all volunteers, bring diverse capabilities and experience to the oversight and direction of the organisation.

The Bateleurs is supported by two Patrons, both of whom are internationally- recognised environmentalists

In addition, twelve national and international experts in specific areas of conservation and/or environmental preservation act as Advisors to the organisation, and are called on for advice as and when necessary.

Missions co-ordination and office management are handled by one full-time staff member who is responsible for all the various day-to-day activities of the organisation.

Peter Borchert

Environmental and Conservation Matters

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