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Relocation of Red-billed Oxpeckers from Kruger National Park to Mokala National Park


Objective of the flight: The aim of the flight was to relocate 32 Red-billed Oxpeckers from the Kruger National Park to Mokala National Park as part of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Operation Oxpecker project. This was the third and last relocation of birds to Mokala National Park to ensure that a sufficient number of birds to establish a founder population has been relocated.

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Justin Bass


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The Jukskei River for WET-Africa


Mission: Rehabilitation of the Jukskei River
Date: 29 March 2009
Requesting organisation: WET-Africa (Water & Environment Transformation-Africa) and the SOUL Foundation
Location: Gauteng
Pilot: Justin Bass and Jeremy Woods

Report by Kim Kieser
Report by Justin Bass (pilot)
Report by Jeremy Woods (pilot)


In early 2009 The Bateleurs was invited by WET-Africa (Water & Environment Transformation-Africa) to collaborate in a project to rehabilitate the Jukskei River.  The invitation led to our to our flying, in late March, the first of several missions scheduled for this project.  The first flight involved extensive photography and mapping of the river and problem areas, and will provide the “before” images; subsequent missions will provide a photographic record of “work in progress”, and, finally, the “after” images, as this project reaches completion.

This first mission for WET-Africa required two aircraft, piloted by Bateleurs members Justin Bass and Jeremy Woods, while Bateleur pilot Richard Strever volunteered to provide
the “before” photographs for WET-Africa.  Here is the post-flight report from Kim Kieser, CEO of WET-Africa, followed by short reports from Justin and Jeremy.

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