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A Personal Appeal to our Bateleurs Community – Bateleurs and Uzwelo Bags partnership


By Steve McCurrach


As a Bateleurs Director and member, I appeal to my fellow members and Bateleurs followers, to join us in partnering with Uzwelo Bags. Uzwelo (meaning compassion) is the innovation of fellow member and stalwart Bats supporter Donavan Bailey from Expand a Sign, who conjured a very neat and totally Green plan, to recycle surplus fabric into various convenient bags of all types and where a portion of every bag sale goes to our cause. Whilst this partnering with The Bateleurs might help to make Donavan’s bags move, I can assure you that Donavan’s motivation was rather to have the bag sales serve as a vehicle for fundraising and awareness of our Bateleurs, rather than the other way around.

This is a first, where a pilot member conjures a really neat plan, for a product that addresses and which satisfies on so many fronts.


To mention a few:

  • The fabrication is done by disadvantaged communities who have been brought into this scheme as a skills upliftment programme;

  • Fabrics destined for the city landfill are now redirected towards this multi-benefit programme;

  • A replacement for shopping bags and thus reducing our plastic litter footprint;

  • The Bateleurs gets a portion of each bag sale, therefore in direct support of the environment and the work that we do;

  • A program designed to get school bags to the poorest, eliminating the trend of carrying school books in shopping packets.


So how do we make our small contribution towards this brilliant and supportive initiative?

Firstly, watch this space for any breaking news of the bags being accepted into at least one big supermarket chain, presented as shopping bags and where we will hope that you tell all friends and colleagues to support us by using these bags. For your own corporate use, the bags can be branded and tailored to almost any form and are ideal as packaging for distribution or as a promotional item. If you are in manufacturing and unavoidably investing in packaging per item, then please consider switching to Uzwelo packaging where your branded packaging becomes a ‘keeper’ item, with benefits rippling out to the abovementioned beneficiaries and your branding then remaining Live.


The many uses of the bags include shopping packet replacements, school bookbags, notebook PC satchels, surfboard protective bags, hard luggage protective bags – the variations are limitless and with ALL bags carrying The Bateleurs and your own branding. Please consider where you or any business associates can give further flight to Uzwelo.


See more here: Please visit and ‘Like’ Uzwelo Bags on Facebook at:

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