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Thank you to our extraordinary Bateleurs Pilots!

“Success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination”.

It was a special moment for me when I had the opportunity to thank some of our extraordinary Bateleurs Pilots, not just on behalf of the Bateleurs but also on behalf of Wildlife Vets SA.

Thank you, Joel Alves, for your heartfelt messages and GoPro footage that depicted the highlights of many missions flown by our pilots. Jaco Scheepers, Andrè Swart, Menno Parsons and Ricky Talevi, we salute you for your dedication. Thank you for flying for our wildlife.

A sad, last farewell was bid to NSM, Martin den Dunnen’s aircraft, that was sacrificed for the cause.

Officially, lions have flown across every province in the country with NSM, a feat yet to be matched. Thank you, Martin, one cannot contemplate a bigger give up for conservation than that. I am proud to call all of you my friends and I am looking forward to many more missions with you.

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