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Relocation of Two Lionesses from Mount Camdeboo to Babanango Game Reserve

In a remarkable conservation effort, the lionesses Nora and Kibibi from Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve have been successfully relocated to the Babanango Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal.

This significant endeavor was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Dr. Ryan van Deventer (Wildlife Solutions), Bateleurs pilot Nick Lincoln, Grant Ashe (Mount Camdeboo), Ryan Andraos (Conservation Manager, Babanango Game Reserve), Andrew Baxter (MD, Babanango Game Reserve), and Chris Galliers (Conservation Outcomes).

Their expertise and dedication played a pivotal role in ensuring the safe and smooth transfer of these majestic predators to their new home. The success of this initiative also owes much to the generous contributions of the Aspinall Foundation and Over & Above Africa, whose support provided crucial funding for this critical conservation mission. Additionally, special gratitude goes to Kitty from Asanta Sana for granting access to the airstrip, facilitating the logistics of the relocation.

The translocation of Nora and Kibibi marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to protect and preserve South Africa's wildlife. These lionesses symbolize a valuable addition to the genetic diversity of this newly established game reserve, which boasts remarkable biodiversity. Transporting mature wild lions by road over several days would have imposed significant stress on them, jeopardizing their well-being and even posing potential fatal risks. This is where aviation assumes a crucial role, facilitating the swift transfer of these lightly sedated animals within just a few hours from one game reserve to another.

The success of this operation underscores the commendable efforts of The Bateleurs and highlights the profound impact of collaboration and community engagement in preserving our precious natural heritage. With their newfound sanctuary at Babanango Game Reserve, Nora and Kibibi will have the opportunity to thrive in a secure and suitable habitat, contributing to the conservation of their species for generations to come.

This achievement underscores the importance of collective action and the support of organizations and individuals who are committed to the welfare of Africa's magnificent wildlife.


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