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Simba, the quintessence of King Mufasa with his majestic head and mane, was the recipient of ruthless human greed for the first 11 years of his life.

bateleurs fly Simba lion to new home

Simba was bred in captivity on a lion farm and became a target for international trophy hunters when he reached his physical prime. His stately size and striking mane formulated the perfect trophy to adorn a wealthy hunter’s lavish home. Simba underwent tremendous trauma at the hands of his breeders who chased and tormented him with a vehicle to make him more aggressive for the hunt.

He was also green hunted by a wealthy client who paid thousands of pounds to shoot the big cat with a tranquiliser dart so that he could get his trophy “shot”. Fortunately, Simba was rescued with days to spare before he was due to be can-hunted.

We had the privilege of flying Simba from his temporary home to his forever home. Thank you Bateleurs pilot Riccardo Talevi

Is’khathi sifikile [The time has come] Is’khathi sifikile Busa Simba [Rule, Simba] Busa Simba
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