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African Wild Dog Relocation: Karingani Game Reserve to Welgevonden Game Reserve

The Endangerered Wildlife Trust initiated the Wild Dog Range Expansion Project in 1998 with the purpose of increasing safe spaces for Wild Dogs in South Africa. A managed metapopulation approach was adopted and with intricate feasibility assessments undertaken, reintroductions into protected areas were underway.

This project found success and created an opportunity to introduce Wild Dogs into protected areas throughout Southern Africa.

In 2019, a pack of 13 Wild Dogs were introduced into Karingani Game Reserve. Today, the reserve is a stronghold for the Wild Dog Range Expansion Project. The adults have successfully reared pups to adulthood, and those adults have gone on to form new packs of their own.

On 11 September, through a collaborative effort, and for the first time, a newly formed pack (all Mozambican born) of Wild Dogs were flown back into South Africa. These Wild Dogs are currently in the EWT holding facility in Welgevonden Game Reserve and will soon be making their mark in some large-scale upcoming reintroductions.

This work could not have been possible without:

· Karingani Game Reserve

· The Bateleurs

· Welgevonden Game Reserve


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